Message Creation.

Strategy & Planning
Branding Design
Direct Marketing
Production Supervision

Effective advertising campaign development starts with a clear understanding of your audience and the message you want to deliver. Our HCI campaign development team creates advertising campaigns for a wide variety of clients in a diverse array of industries. We start by making sure we have a solid understanding of each client’s business.

Through research, discussions with the client, and other methods, we learn what differentiates our client from all of its competitors – whether they are competing for customers or job candidates. Gaining an understanding of their targeted audience is equally important.

The creative team at Hispana Comunicación Integral always tries to “get inside our audience’s head” so that we can design a message that appeals to their needs, aspirations, and desires. Solid campaign development is not about being “cute” or simply “eye-catching,” it is about creating a real connection that motivates your audience to respond. This is what our best advertising campaigns have always accomplished.

Consistency is also crucial in campaign development when translating our message into different formats (from print publications to online banner ads to trade show displays), we make sure to keep key elements consistent so that each media piece is clearly a part of a larger advertising campaign. In this way, each part of the multimedia mix reinforces the message in the viewer’s mind and ends up having an even greater impact.

Our experienced staff members also know what works in what type of media, enabling them to advise you on different design options for different publications or sites. It’s all part of the media placement process at HCI. In addition, our knowledge of current special issues, offers, and deals is second to none – enabling you to get the most out of your media placement dollar.

The team at HCI Advertising can help identify the specific media options that will most effectively target the demographic you are seeking to reach and make sure that your ad is keyed properly and submitted on time and in the appopriate format.

If that weren’t enough reason to choose the media placement veterans at HCI, our longstanding relationships with numerous media outlets allow us to negotiate the most beneficial resolutions to any publishing problems you may encounter. When you choose HCI for your media placement needs, you get it all.

Public Relations

Media Relations
Community Relations
Promotions and Publicity
Social Media and Video Production
Special Event Planning
Crisis Communications

We work side-by-side with our clients to accomplish marketing objectives and build lasting relationships with consumers. We excel in developing and executing insight-based, integrated marketing communication programs consisting of:

  • Equity-Building Strategies
  • Traditional Media Relations
  • Social and Digital Marketing
  • Influencer Seeding and Third Party Endorsements
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Through a combination of tactics in these areas, our programs increase the awareness and visibility of your brand, change perception, drive trial and facilitate communication with your target customers.

    Our work ranges from quick stunts to long-term campaigns, all of which come to life in the news, lifestyle, and entertainment arenas.

    To learn more about how our approach can help your brand, please contact us.

    Media Planning, Buying, and Placement

    Message Dissemination.

    Media Research
    Media Strategy
    Media Planning

    With the expanding array of online, print, and OOH advertising options, you need an independent voice in your corner to help navigate the often-bewildering media placement choices that are available today.

    Hispana Advertising can be that voice.

    We are familiar with the myriad of different technical requirements for all of the different media placement options – ensuring that your ad will appear as it was intended.

    Digital Media

    Social Media
    Design & Development

    Digital planning and buying services include:

    • Audience profiling
    • Website rankings and demographic analysis
    • Digital display
    • Online video
    • Mobile advertising
    • Tablet advertising
    • In-app advertising
    • Facebook advertising
    • Twitter advertising
    • Email advertising
    • Behavioral, contextual and semantic targeting
    • Audience targeting
    • Geo-targeting
    • Search engine marketing (Google, Yahoo, Bing)
    • Search-based retargeting
    • IP targeting
    • Integration of traditional TV advertising and digital audience retargeting
    • Ad serving
    • Digital campaign reporting
    • Campaign optimization management
    • Creative multivariate testing
    • Landing page structure consulting


    In-House Production

    TV / Cable / Social Media
    Radio Spots
    In-Store 2D & 3D Animation Production
    Corporate / Industrial Video Production
    Long Format Informercial
    Sound Design (Surround 5.1 – 8.1)

    We understand how to make the process of shooting and producing in the U.S. simple, easy and cost effective.

    We are able to be very competitive in our budgeting. Clients are quite surprised how competitive shooting in Las Vegas can be compared to other parts of the World.