At HCI, we live and breathe our mission – to connect brands with cultures. Our passion drives us to guide these brands on a path to success. We follow a simple yet powerful philosophy: our clients are family. We don’t just collaborate with them; we work together as partners to solve their communication challenges. We understand that the key to effective marketing is embracing diversity and respecting the unique nuances of each culture. We believe that cultural understanding and authentic communication are the keys to unlocking the full potential of any brand. It’s through this understanding and genuine partnership that we achieve remarkable results.” Stated Arturo Castro Jr., Vice-President, and Director of Operations of HCI.


HCI’s Core Values is to connect brands with cultures.… our passion, is to lead them to success.

We follow a simple philosophy… our clients are family. We collaborate, work together & help solve their communication problems.

  1. Cultural Connection: HCI values the rich tapestry of cultures that make up our world and recognizes the importance of celebrating and respecting diversity in all its forms.
  2. Passion for Success: HCI’s team is driven by an unwavering passion for leading brands to success. They believe that success is a journey, and they’re committed to guiding their clients every step of the way.
  3. Client-Centric Approach: HCI treats its clients as family, fostering strong, collaborative relationships. They understand that every client’s success is the agency’s success, and they approach each project with dedication and enthusiasm.
  4. In-House Expertise: With in-house production capacity, HCI offers clients a streamlined and efficient process. From creative concepts to execution, they have the expertise to deliver high-quality results.

HCI’s wide range of services includes multicultural marketing, media planning & buying, digital & social media, market research advisory, branding, promotion and event marketing, cross-cultural creative development, multi-platform in-house production, and more. We specialize in tailoring strategies to connect brands with diverse audiences, ensuring that the message resonates authentically and effectively.

HCI envisions a world where brands, cultures, and communities come together harmoniously, driven by the understanding that diversity is an asset to be celebrated and harnessed for collective success.
HCI has had the privilege of working with a wide range of prestigious local, national and international clients.
At HCI, we take pride in our ability to connect brands with cultures, helping them resonate with diverse audiences and achieve success that knows no bounds.

With a wealth of in-house production capacity, a team of passionate professionals, and a commitment to our clients that goes beyond the ordinary, HCI is your partner of choice for all your multicultural marketing and advertising needs.


What We Do

Today’s world is the most multicultural in the history of mankind. To establish communication bridges, and to create advertising tailored to their multiple audiences, is a must for any brand that aspires to thrive, because creating a genuine bonding with their final consumers is the only way to success. 

HCI is a full-service ad agency; we create communication for the Hispanics in the US. We reach and bring them to brands through real and meaningful connections. From a simple but effective design, to a massive influence strategy.